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Dog Grooming Services 


Booking Breeds / Sizes

Professional Baths for All  Breeds  (Varies)
Includes nail trim

  • Small Grooms Approx. $75

  • Medium Grooms Approx. $85 

  • Large / Specialty Grooms Approx. $125

Coat Up Charge -  $20-$100   (Due to neglected brushing or inconsistent grooming)               
Only added if there are knots or extended time 
Club Package - $38 (Luxury add on)
Apricot Facial/ Scrub, Upgraded Shampoo/ Conditioner, Teeth Cleaning, Ears, Nail Trim & Filing, Paw Cream, Cologne, & Bandana!  (Must be purchased with either a bath or groom)

De-shed Club Package -  $45 (Luxury add on)       
Same as club package but with deshed treatement

Nail Trim Only - $17        Standard nail trim
Nail Trim & Filing - $25      +Dremel

Other Services Available

  • Skunk Treatment (Call ahead)

  • Teeth Cleaning 

  • Flea & Tick Treatment

  • Facial

  • Anal Gland

  • Paw Cream

  • Ears



Note: the prices listed are approximate estimates and subject to change or be adjusted depending on breed and condition.

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Proven "Fear Free" methods for all types of dog breeds by certified groomers.

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