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Dog Grooming FAQ's

Common Questions & Answers

  • What can I expect for my first visit?

    • Prompt courteous service and excellent grooms!  We use the highest quality products, shampoos, and tools available on the market.​ 

      • Our skill comes from hiring the best and using the best products.

  • My dog is aggressive and has anxiety, will you take them?

    • Some of our staff is Fear Free Certified which can handle timid dogs.  However, aggressive or anxious dogs should be referred to a Vet since we cannot prescribe or recommend medication.​

      • For sake of time, please consider this and your past experiences with the dog.​

  • Do you book by Appointment Only? 

    • Yes, we recommend setting up appointments in advance. We book fast!

  • When should my puppy come in for their first groom?

    • We recommend as soon as possible to get them comfortable with the grooming experience.​ We love puppies!

  • Will my dog be put in a crate or cage?

    • We're mostly cageless.

  • Does my Dog(s) require up-to-date Vaccinations?

    • Yes​

  • Do you take cash? 

    • We mostly operate off cashless payment.

    • It's encouraged if you'd like to leave cash gratuity for our amazing staff!

  • My pet has aggression, will you still take them?

    • Yes, but please be forward and let us know what types of behavior your dog has up front.​  We will use a musle if there is a concern.  We have the right to refuse overly aggressive animals. 

  • How long does Grooming take?  

    • Depends on size and condition, typically 1-2 hours.  Please pick up once you get notification 10 minutes prior to the end of the groom.

  • Do you take Cats? 

    • No, not at this time. Only dogs.

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